Hotels in Argentiere and Alrolla were absolutely fine, with the award for hoteliers of the year going to our new best friends at the Sonne, which was excellent!!!!!!!!!! Mon All Day. I already did recommend this to numerous friends who might try their luck next year. The Haute Route connects Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn on one of the most spectacular hikes in all the Alps, showcasing majestic mountain passes, alpine pastures, glorious glaciers, and delightful alpine huts.  Toilet paper – small amount for daytime emergencies Depending on conditions and group preferences we can also take a shorter but steeper trail (with exposed sections, protected by chains and cables for hand-railing). His personality, technical expertise and overall great attitude made the trip a once in a lifetime experience. i.e. —Meg J., NY, USA, “I had a great time on both the trek and Weissmies climb. The trip organisation and communication were very good. At Wilderness Travel we never rent or sell our mailing list. Some trips with minimal hiking but rugged travel conditions or long drives, such as. July 25 – Aug. 1 For high alpine huts, they were better than I expected.” As mentioned the hotel in Argentiere was great. —Mike M., NJ, USA, “Flory was a really great guide – always ready to help and always sensitive to how everyone was doing. These trips are organized on a private basis and can be very reasonable given that you are already in Zermatt and have the makings of a group. Stretching 180 kilometers from Chamonix to Zermatt, the Haute Route is the most classic ski touring route. If you need clothing, footwear, or gear for the trip, come a day early and shop to your heart’s desire. Temperatures can range from lows of -10°C (14°F) overnight to +15°C (60°F) during the day, or from +5°C (40°F) overnight to +30°C (85°F) during the day in the valley bottoms. Experience the Haute Route or "High Road" of the Alps on this challenging itinerary designed for serious trekkers.  Medium weight fleece sweater We've added a well-deserved rest day at a 4-star Belle Epoque hotel in historic St Luc. Full-day hikes (4-8 hours), mountainous, steep terrain (hiking up or down as much as 3,500 feet) on many days. Very environmentally unsound to be buying plastic bottles. Would have liked more info as to what to expect on our first morning as it was so crowded, rushed and stressful. Let your trip coordinator know if you would like to transfer directly to Chamonix as we may be able to arrange an additional night in a hotel in Argentiere. He is reassuring, knowledgeable, experienced, organized, interesting and a fun guy! They are fantastic guides– made the whole trip so very enjoyable from start to finish despite having to juggle some weather issues, variance in tempos amidst the group, and all the things we were likely entirely unaware of…” The huts have plugs (220 volts) to recharge phones, etc., but there is usually competition for them.  Wind and waterproof shell jacket with hood (Gore-Tex or similar) Only one hut was a disappointment in the food department – and that was only a lunch stop for us. He was super funny, kind and super patient helping those who were timid or not as sure footed without making them feel bad – a real art. Ten of the 12 highest peaks in the Alps, including Mont Blanc and the crooked spire of the Matterhorn, rise along this magnificent “high route,” along with plentiful glaciers, cool mountain tarns, and meadows full of wildflowers. ), but was also flexible and understanding should we want to stop for an occasional break or photo. A 6-day ski touring trip that you cannot miss if you are coming to Chamonix.. Let me share with you this incredible program I have planned in the region of Chamonix-Zermatt.It’s about a ski mountaineering tour along the famous Haute Route (High Route) that connects Switzerland to France.. Compare similar trips and tour companies to find your perfect vacation at the perfect price.  Pocket knife (optional)  Synthetic or wool base layers – top and bottom The Haute Route is the classic ski touring adventure that links the two Alpine centers of Chamonix in France and Zermatt in Switzerland. Group of 6 participants: Discount of 10%. 1023 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO, 80302, United States. We recommend a backpack size of 35-45 litres (2100-2700 cubic inches). This route runs from Chamonix to Zermatt and it is the most iconic ski tour of the world. The Walker's Haute Route is a 14 day trek from Chamonix to Zermatt, or in different words from the base of the Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn, one of the most iconic mountains in the world.. A beautiful glacier hike takes us over the Col de l’Eveque (3,400 m = 11,150 ft) to the Upper Arolla Glacier to an unguarded shepherd’s hut at Plan de Bertol (2,670m / 8,750 ft) for a picnic lunch. The lodging was awesome both on and off the trail. We were very pleased..” The trip was well organized. Schonbielehutte serves excellent food (we didn’t stay there). The Haute Route Glacier Trek provides perfect acclimatization for climbing Mont Blanc (4,810 m / 15,778 ft.)  in two additional days.  Light stuff sacs or Ziploc bags to keep your backpack organized and important items dry (optional, but recommended) Party of 4 - £275 each, Party of 2 - £450 each. Seb handled this on the best possible and professional manner, and we didn’t even have to change too much of our original course, and had lodging in town, and even though we had this bump in the road, I think everything ticked pretty well. Plan Ahead, Make Your Reservations Early. Seb was absolutely amazing – extremely professional, tended to our needs, served as an example, kept the pace and morale – I really couldn’t ask for anyone better. Regularly voted as one of the world’s top walks the journey from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn on the Walker’s Haute Route is filled with breath-taking mountain panoramas, challenging mountain passes and Alpine scenes lifted straight from a storybook. This was one of the groups that was looking to where Thomas took us.” Lue W., Canada, “Guide: Wow. Roped glacier travel (no experience required). Drinking water is available by purchasing bottled or boiled water/tea at a cost of approximately US$10 per litre. I would not hesitate to have Till guide me again if I was to go back to the alps. If you need to rent boots or clothing items, there are two stores we recommend in Chamonix – Sanglard Sports or Snell Sports. Huts and sleeping rooms seemed too crowded to me. The Most Scenic Trek in Europe. I really hold him in the highest appreciation possible – I wouldn’t have been able to make this trip without him. 500 m /1,640 ft climb, 4 km, ~2 hours of hiking.  Alpine Club card I am speechless. But you also need to have enough gear to be warm (or cool), comfortable, and well-fed and watered. These “huts” are more like lodges in the backcountry, with good and plentiful food, hot coffee, beer, and wine, often indoor plumbing, and scenic outdoor terraces on which to relax at the end of the day. Anne and I recently completed the Walker’s Haute Route in the Swiss Alps. 8022339253  Sunscreen and lip protection with high SPF Assuming the same format as our scheduled 7-day / 7-night trek, we offer the following pricing relative to the price of our scheduled departures.  Feminine hygiene supplies July 18 – 25 The Haute Route is a clas­sic tour through the heart of the West­ern Alps and some of its most stun­ning scenery.  Warm hat that covers your ears Dolomites Haute Route Ski Tour: Looking for a challenge? Duration: 9 Days, 8 Nights Distance: Total of almost 800 km with over 22000 Metres Climbing Rider support and travel packages for the 2021 Haute Route Alps. Fantastic 7 days of skiing on the trip from Mont Blanc to Matterhorn. The room was very very nice, the breakfasts were great and the woman at the front desk was just terrific. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to have him as a guide on another trip. Following a forested trail used by shepherds for centuries, we take in sweeping views of the Rhone Valley as we head to Champex. People have to remember the location and situation of the these huts in providing food for many people who come from different parts of the world and are used to eating different types of food. The Hiker’s “Haute Route” is an entirely non-technical hike without any glacier travel or exposed trails. Please ask us about current cost and details. Shorter Durations: If time is short, you can still take part in a stunning section of the Haute Route by hiking from Champex to Zermatt (4.5 days). The huts usually close down in mid-September. Also, returning the boots to Chamonix can be a challenge if you plan to return directly from Zermatt to Geneva Airport. ” Organization and communication were perfect – from the moment I made first contact, up until my summit certificate ;). Note: rigid crampons will not work on hiking boots The Haute Route, also known as the High Level Route or Mountaineer’s Route, is the winter ski tour or summer hiking route linking Chamonix in France with Zermatt in Switzerland. Each night we stay at a mountain hut or valley hotel. Haute Route with Chamonix Experience. Geoffroy was a bit worried about the very long day (?day3) but we did the steeper route instead and though tough, was fine. The trip ends in Akureyri where you can either relax for the night and enjoy the town or catch a flight back to Reykjavik. In the afternoon, we continue our traverse on a panoramic trail (exposed sections with chains for hand-railing) to the top station of the La Breya chairlift, which we will take to save ourselves a long and knee-rattling descent to the village of Champex (1,500 m / 4,920 ft). Sept. 5 – 12 —Michele B., VT, USA, “The Haute Route trip that your company has put together was truly outstanding! If any of our friends would ever consider a trip like this, we would definitely recommend OnTop.” It was obvious we were in very capable hands. There are few places in the world where skiers can travel unencumbered, in the heart of the mountains, over high cols, hidden valleys, and immense glaciers. 600 m / 1,970 ft climb, 1,280 m / 4,200 ft descent, 11 km, 7 hrs of hiking. combining days 6 and 7). The Walkers Haute Route is a spectacular and demanding summer hike. Stages from 22- 28 August 2021. Yes, we commonly organize a luggage transfer from Chamonix Valley to Zermatt for an additional fee. The food and lodging at huts was as expected.” Especially given the difference in time zones. Trips with hiking at average altitudes of 10,000 to 12,000 feet are in this category. Breakfasts in both Argentiere and Zermatt were wonderful. Haute Route out of season: Before June 20 and after September 15 the huts offer so-called “winter quarters”, which offer sleeping rooms and a simple kitchen. 600 m / 2,000 ft climb, 1,100 m / 3,600 ft descent, 14 km, 8-9 hours of hiking time (not including breaks).  Compass, maps, GPS, altimeter watch (optional) The image below shows pretty well the different types of boots and crampons on the market. Half- to full-day hikes (3-6 hours) over rolling countryside on most days, occasional steep trails. Both complement each other. It was a fantastic hike and was filled with spectacular views, wonderful villages, awesome food, and some new friendships along the way.  Small container bug spray or cream Spend anywhere from 5 to 10 days exploring the stunning alpine scenery between the two idyllic resort towns, skiing over glaciers, mountain peaks and pristine valleys en route. Descent via the Glacier du Trient, Glacier Orny to the Cabane Orny (2,830 m / 9,300 ft) for a late lunch. Please Note: There are numerous different combinations of huts and accommodation along the route and we frequently vary our itineraries to make best use of bookings and current weather and snow conditions. —August M., CA, USA, ” The guides were amazing- so impressed with Geoffroy’s professionalism and always felt safe. When buying, renting, or borrowing gear for the trip, please keep weight, performance, and function in mind. Felt like a real town. We will spend the afternoon of the first trekking day learning about and practising glacier travel. Everything was organised nicely, the hotel in Argentiere is great, very helpful and friendly people. This should cover buying lunch, snacks, water, and one beer at each hut. — Murray C., Australia, “Thomas was an excellent guide. On Top did a great job meeting our requirements and desires for this custom trip/We feel that all of our questions where answered in a prompt and thorough manner. Another option is to use light mountaineering boots, a little stiffer in the sole than trekking boots, like the Sportiva Trango or the Scarpa Charmoz. —Stephen G., Oregon, USA, “I thought the huts were more than adequate, though the Albert could do with a some upgrades. The lodging in both Argentiere and Zermatt was perfect. The Haute Route is a classic Alpine trek, widely regarded as the most scenic in Europe. Loved the rosti, but don’t eat too much at lunch and then hike or you could get heartburn!…” Travel day. Also, the gradual ascent to the more elevated portions of the trip made it easier to acclimatize (sleeping at gradually more elevated huts was helpful!). I was very impressed with the amount of work Lutz did to come up with alternative hikes and accommodations when plans had to change because of the weather….” To some extent that’s to be expected, given the remote location of the huts. His mountain knowledge was exceptional and he also was able to answer the many questions that we fired at him over the course of the trip. If the forecast is for colder weather, they also bring thin long underwear, a thicker base layer and heavier gloves. Haute Route Trips. The route covers approximately 100km and travels west to east, across seven Alpine passes linking the valleys of Haute-Savoie in France to the Swiss Valais.