Description. 1st generation spoodles are , a pure Cocker Spaniel crossed with a pure Mini Poodle. Banksia Park breeds both first and second generation spoodle puppies for caring owners in Vic, NSW, QLD, and all over Australia. The Spoodle is possibly now Australia’s most popular small-medium sized dog. Welcome to the Valley View Dog Rearing & Breeding Establishment, the experts in high quality Labradoodle, Schnoodle, Spoodle and Maltese Poodle breeding. Those who had previously joined our waitlist will be contacted first and any remaining puppies will be advertised to our website. The Spoodle. Our Breeding parents are selected for their excellent temperament and health. All pups are bathed in chemical free shampoo gentle dried and groomed….. Face trim, nail trim and brushed to showcase their lovely coats. This enhances the intelligence of the Cocker spaniel as the mini poodle is highly intelligent. 10 point health check sheet. BILLABONG BABIES COME WITH THE FOLLOWING. Puppies will be ready for their new homes during the first week of February. SPOODLE PUPPIES. The miniature Poodle male has been purposely bred to a Cocker spaniel female to produce a Spoodle. We are a small scale breeder dedicated to producing amazing family pets. ... but placing puppies in South Australian … A spoodle is a dog who loves humans, attention and family activities . I'm sure this infuriates the "Haters" more but I think it is true testament to some of these breeds as the popularity of them is mostly due to personal experience with the breed. The English is the more common of the two and is the result of a cross between a Poodle and an English Cocker Spaniel. Spoodles can be either English or American. All Stud dogs have been tested for PRA. " After our first Rivergum spoodle died at the beginning of the year, we would only consider another from these wonderful breeders of high quality puppies. We are a licensed Domestic Animal Business located in Australia, that is veterinary audited with over 25 years of experience breeding non-shedding family companion dogs. Spoodle puppies get the intelligence of the poodle and the outgoing, devoted nature of the cocker . In most cases the demand for designer puppies (especially the Cavoodle) has pushed prices up to 3 times what a Registered Purebred breeder would normally sell a puppy for. We waited until May for our beautiful Marley, and made the round trip up to Barham in a day, as we wanted her to also choose us! Shop Now. We have had great success with these bright, intelligent and friendly dogs. Change of ownership form with free of charge change over to clients, Collar with bell. They are playful and enjoy an active lifestyle. Our Spoodles come in a variety of different colours from White, Tri-Coloured, Blue Roan and Black. The American Spoodle is a cross between the Poodle and the American Cocker Spaniel. Some of our past Spoodle puppies... Cottage Canines Australia. For decades the Spoodle has been a popular dog. They are low to non-shedding dogs. ... our Spoodle puppies are due to be born in February. The spoodle is a very happy and intelligent dog that is gentle and good with kids of all ages. 0411 84 64 74 Sydney & NSW based. Spoodle Puppies For Sale. ABOUT US. Spoodle puppies for sale on this page are a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. CAVOODLE PUPPIES. Australian Cavoodles and Sp oodles. Your dogs, are our dogs too. Billabong Spoodle Puppies For Sale.

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