For IELTS (Academic) score report, you may Individual courses and universities typically have specific IB diploma and individual subject score requirements, so it is important to be aware of the requirements for the courses in which a student is interested. Maximum: 5 years, Asian Legal Studies 10th percentile refers to the A Level grade which is higher than 10% of that of other A level students who entered the course. Some students may be subjected to the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) requirement for admission. Corporate & Financial Services Law, International Arbitration & Dispute Resolution, Graduate Diploma in Maritime Law & Arbitration. IB Requirements taken directly from University websites. However for entry into the Business Administration and Business Administration (Accountancy) courses specifically, IB Diploma holders are expected to have read and passed at least Standard Level Mathematics. If you have done well in … It is possible to search for additional information as there are posts last year asking for IB results to get to NUS/NTU. NUS Law comes up Top in the B.A. Applicants who do not meet the admission criteria for the course applied to may be considered under the Aptitude Based Admissions Scheme. Admission is based on academic merit as well as open competition among all eligible applicants. 90 th percentile refers to the A Level grade which is higher than 90% of that of other A Level students who entered the course. In addition to major & Modular Credit (MC) requirements, graduation requirements include successful completion of the Common Curriculum and eight semesters of residency on campus. © Copyright 2001-document.write(Utility.CurrentYear()); National University of Singapore. provide a photocopy as we are able to verify the equivalent. Applicants should schedule a test date early Further information about TOEFL is An IB Diploma awarded by IB Organisation (IBO). I went for the NUS Law interview first, in the morning of the 16th of April. The 10th percentile grades will give you an indication. Graduate Coursework Diploma (under NUS Law Academy) Graduate Coursework Certificates (under NUS Law Academy) My overall score was a 37 and although my grades do meet all the entry requirements stated on the NUS Law website. however they are rectifying that cause there is one particular high school, my former school, which churns out about 450 IB graduates per year instead of the usual A-level grads. Good luck there's nothing in HL english or history that helped me with law, the only thing i found from IB that helped me with law were TOK (for jurisprudence) and Econ (for company law) and it's tiny. Please note that these do vary year to year depending on the applicant quality and intake size. score online using the TRFN on the score report. Independent/ Specialised Independent Schools in Singapore (Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), School of the Arts, Singapore Sports School, St Joseph’s Institution), are applying for Medicine and/or Dentistry course, wish to have an early admission consideration. Only official TOEFL iBT score report will be The application for MTL exemption will also not prejudice the evaluation of the application for a place in the university. Mallal Moot 2020 was held over Zoom on 12 October this year. Law High level of proficiency in the English Language (e.g. Call Now +971589997527 I just recently received my IB results. United Kingdom and the United States. Please refer here for more information on the various subject combinations.. For courses that require additional interviews/tests, applicants will also be assessed based on their performance during interviews and/or tests.. Notes. Law graduates from a civil law country or a non-gazetted common law university NUS publishes an indicative grade profile here. equivalent. University Town 2 College Avenue West, #01-03 (Stephen Riady Centre) Singapore 138607 +65 6516 1010 (UG Admissions & Scholarships) However, if accepted, they will be required to fulfil the MTL requirement during their course of study. accept the scores. All Rights Reserved. English medium and you wish to seek a waiver of this requirement, please submit your request together with supporting documents, and it will be considered on a case-by-case basis. c) Minimum of 'S' grade for the H2 MTL paper taken at the Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'A' Level examination; test, you must take it again to have the scores b) Minimum of D7 grade for Higher MTL at Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level (the IGCSE MTL First Language examination does not fulfil the requirement); to the NUS Faculty of Law. If it has been Educational Testing Service (ETS). Applicants will be considered for admission based on the strength of their academic achievements and additional interviews/tests if required. International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Pass in SL Chemistry or Mathematics or Physics; NUS High School Diploma A good major CAP in either Chemistry or Mathematics or Physics; International Students Year 12 or Higher Level pass in Chemistry or Mathematics or Physics or Physical Science. The University sets aside university places for consideration of exceptional candidates for admission. accepted. Please quote the specific institution code of Do note that pre-requisites are subject to change every year and you should … The MTL exemption application will be facilitated by the universities as part of the university application, and the results made known to applicants who receive admission offers from the university. Applicants shortlisted for Architecture, Dentistry, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture, Law, Medicin e and Nursing courses will be required to attend additional tests and/or interviews conducted at the University in April each year to assess their suitability for the courses. A research-intensive university with an entrepreneurial dimension, NUS is ranked consistently as one of the world's top universities. Queen Mary University of London International Foundation Programme in 1) Social Sciences, Law, Arts and Humanities and 2) Science and Engineering 1) Social Sciences, Law, Arts and Humanities Completion of the programme with Distinction (70% average) with at least one module at 70% and remaining modules at 65%. If your date.   Admission will be on a selective and competitive basis. A good Bachelor’s or first degree in Law (LLB/BA/JD); A university degree in any non-law

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