But thanks to some ingenious physics we now have a good idea of just how big it is The dramatic changes were noted by both the Jedi and the Republic's citizens,[33] specifically on Coruscant. Coruscant was one of the Republic's original Core World founders, and outmaneuvered its early rivals to become the economic and cultural engine of civilization as it expanded along newly chartered hyperspace routes. The hallways were stripped of all statues and Republic-era ornaments. [42] During the battle, Chancellor Palpatine was kidnapped and briefly held captive on the Separatist flagship, the Invisible Hand, before he was freed by Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.[25]. The facility provided treatment to patients from all over the galaxy and boasted cutting-edge techniques in surgery and biomechanical reconstruction. [7] Precautions were taken though with and skytunnels incorporating bombproof shields and high-level tracking systems, and most structures on Coruscant had defensive shields to protect windows from stray and out-of-control vehicles. Comparing Earth in Universe - How BIG are You? [57] At the height of his power, Palpatine disbanded the Senate altogether and gave what little power they had left to the regional governors. As such, Coruscant became known as the galactic capital for thousands of years.[9]. Corellian Run[6]Metellos Trade Route[8]Namadii Corridor[9]Nexus Route[10]Perlemian Trade Route[6] Assuming that Earth-bounded human stop fighting each other and decide to united together to invade Coruscant. It has a diameter of 2,800,000,000 km. Calculations below. [12] With the planet's near-galactic importance, many born on backwater worlds dreamed of arriving on the bustling planet to make it big, only to find themselves relegated to low-level positions and subjected to a life of crime and violence. Oh, FYI, I'd love to write the Gargoyles movie for Disney. Coruscant was the first planet to develop human life, which is why it's so much more advanced compared to Those who wanted to disappear to hide from the authorities or to conduct illegal transactions could blend in despite the presence of cam droids and other monitoring technology. Coruscant was the first planet to develop human life, which is why it's so much more advanced compared to Planet Earth. Also like Earth, Jupiter’s shape is that of an oblate spheroid. In terms of volume, the two planets are almost neck and neck, with Venus possessing 0.866 as much volume as Earth (928.45 billion cubic km compared to Earth’s 1083.21 billion). The Chancellor himself brought changes such as implementing the use of his personal Red Guards instead of the Senate Guards. [38] Additionally, inside the compound was a military tribunal courtroom, in which the court decided the fate of dangerous criminals. YOLO. Twenty years after its establishment, it was represented by Senator Arbo, a member of the Centrist faction and notorious war hawk, and junior senator Orris Madmund. Major events that affected the Republic equally affected Coruscant. Affiliation It was there they reconfigured a distress signal transmitting from the Temple to any surviving Jedi asking them to return (into a Sith trap), and learned the truth of Skywalker's fall and Palpatine's identity as the Dark Lord of the Sith. 4 KlavoHunter This avatar change was not of my own free will. The heavy fortifications and benign front appealed to Palpatine, and towards the end of the Clone Wars, he began using the lower levels of the facility to store Sith artifacts and as a meditation area, access to which was prevented by the Red Guards. Afterwards, the Works mainly consisted of long-abandoned buildings and empty warehouses, many of which were appropriated by criminals, with large areas rendered uninhabitable by toxic waste. The planet first appeared in the 1997 Special Edition of Return of the Jedi, which showed scenes on Coruscant of a jubilant population celebrating the demise of the Emperor, with its name first mentioned in The Phantom Menace. [7] As a hustling, bustling planet-wide city with an underworld full of dark alleys and an abundance of people, Coruscant provided the ideal conditions for a sneak thief to prosper, especially targeting tourists from quieter planets. Unable to command the military's allegiance, Grand Vizier Mas Amedda's rule was contained within Coruscant, which he also lost control of to the supporters of Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax, the self-proclaimed Counselor to the Empire. The other two points were the byzantine COMPNOR arcology, which contained the headquarters of the Imperial Security Bureau, and the new Naval Intelligence Agency headquarters, a near-windowless complex which formerly housed the Republic's strategic center. However, centuries prior to the Clone Wars, increasingly high cost on Coruscant prompted most manufacturers to shift their operations to off-planet facilities. Atmosphere 1,083,206,246,123,080,894,852 divided by .86 is 1.25954215 × 10^21 times as large. The entire area was known as the Federal District, with the Imperial Palace forming one point of the so-called supreme triangle. Amedda, in despair and desperation, sought to turn himself over to New Republic Chancellor Mon Mothma and Princess Leia Organa. Blaster fire and fighting soon erupted across the capital between Coruscanti and the Imperial security forces. Many animal species found on Earth appear or are referred to in the films and the Expanded Universe. [16] The influential and wealthy of Coruscant thrived in lavish lifestyles, attending meetings and social gatherings in highrise apartments,[11][40] dining in fine restaurants overlooking the city,[53] partying in the entertainment districts,[16] and viewing large scale shows in theaters and operas. Join us on . Its diameter (the distance from one side to the other through Earth's center) is 7,926 miles (about 12,756 kilometers). Has the planet been recently and violently depopulated or something? Towards the end of the Clone Wars, the Republic constructed a large military base in close proximity to the staging areas. [11][16] With the formation of the Empire, the Senate transitioned into a limited role, providing council and legislation but ultimately at the power of the Emperor. Entering with the 501st Legion, Vader and the clone troopers seized the Temple, killing all the Jedi and younglings inside and setting the monastery ablaze. Sectors were further divided into zones, with zones determined by purpose, such as financial, senatorial, or industrial zones. He then instructed the Grand Army clone troopers to execute Order 66 against their Jedi Generals, resulting in a galaxy-wide purge that all but destroyed the Jedi Order. Coruscant A Separatist terrorist attack disabled power to large sections of Coruscant, including its government district. In the center was a large bar, usually crowded, that catered to all parts of Coruscant's society. MORE QUIZZES QUIZ: Are You a Jedi, Sith, or Grey Jedi? [34] Unknown to everyone except a select few, Coruscant was from where the entire war was continually manipulated by Palpatine. We can’t do your home work for you, but if you have a question about the Sun you can always ask the Sun|trek team . Under the Republic, the Chancellor and the Senate had a direct influence on the planet's governance. [26] Following the signing of the Imperial Instruments of Surrender and the Galactic Concordance on Chandrila, the Empire surrendered to the New Republic[26] and ceded Coruscant over to the fledgling galactic government[29] with Mas Amedda being permitted to form a provisional government on Coruscant, along with Republic observers to ensure that it remained powerless under a figurehead leader. Following the battle over the capital, it was announced that Count Dooku, the leader of the Confederacy, had been killed. During the Galactic Civil War, the citizens of Coruscant celebrated the Emperor's death after a generation of Imperial rule. [34] When Tano went to visit her, Turmond was killed by a Force choke, making Tano seem to be the murderer. Some areas changed so quickly that they were not recognizable to those who had seen them only a few years before. The war's end saw the Republic's transformation into the First Galactic Empire, ruled by Darth Sidious as Galactic Emperor. A term used to describe both the thousands of levels underneath the surface, and, Coruscant's criminal population, the underworld was home to millions of the planet's population who were too poor to move upward or were hiding from the attentions of the authorities. As the galactic capital, Coruscant was also home to the Jedi Order, guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. The lowest known habitable level was Level 5. [11] The podium could be lowered to an office used by the Chancellor below the chamber. Eirenespheres parative sizes of plas and stars how big is jupiter its size mive mars pared to earth Venus Pared To Earth Universe TodayWhat Are The Sizes Of Plas Universe TodayVenus Pared With The EarthWhat Is The Closest Pla To Earth Universe TodayThe Size Of Earth Pared To Other Plas And Stars Universe Our PlaVenus… Read More » As the Empire fractured all over the galaxy, Grand Vizier Mas Amedda took control of Imperial forces on Coruscant. [11][40] Additionally, the planet served as the home of large communities of various species, some who rarely returned to their original homeworld. [7] As the capital of the Republic and the Empire to follow, members of senators and delegates of every represented planet had a residence on Coruscant. If Hong Kong was scaled up to the Earth’s total land area, the world would have a population of 970 billion people - almost exactly the 1 trillion on Coruscant. It was towards the end of the Republic's millennium of peace that Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, hampered by a bloated government and a corrupt Senate, was unable to respond to an invasion of the planet Naboo in 32 BBY. As these early hyperspace lanes became well-established trade routes, increasing numbers of alien species migrated towards Coruscant. How Do Employee Needs Vary From Generation To Generation? An order of Force-sensitives, the Jedi Knights served the Republic for thousands of years as keepers of the peace. Primary language(s) Core Worlds[1] Delegates would meet here during sessions of congress to discuss legislation and galactic policy. [35] As Darth Sidious he directed Dooku's actions designed to continue the war and further his plans. Palpatine, who was, in fact, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, succeeded in his scheme to turn the Republic into a military dictatorship. As such crashes were extremely rare. Later, Masters Yoda and Kenobi infiltrated the Temple to discover what had occurred. In the center of the Senate chamber was the Chancellor's podium. However, they refused to take him prisoner, instead insisting that he find a way to capitulate the Empire and sign a full surrender.[22]. The Temple's spires remained intact though the rest of the Temple was heavily remodeled and expanded. Turmond was arrested and held at the Republic military base. Learn from experts and access insider knowledge. Corusca sector[1]Coruscant subsector[1] [30], Panoramic view of the planetary cityscape of Coruscant from the High Council Chamber, Although Coruscant was believed to be the homeworld of the human species,[24] the Coruscanti were as varied as the galaxy itself, especially as one journeyed below the surface of the skyscrapers and into the underworld. It was also here that Ahsoka Tano escaped when she was suspected of killing Letta Turmond. Located in the Coruscant subsector of the Corusca sector within the Core Worlds region, Coruscant was a planet covered in a dense ecumenopolis. To the side, another hallway led to Palpatine's inner private office.[25]. The Clone Wars became one of the most turbulent times in galactic history[12] and the first, full scale war in over a thousand years. Breathable[11] In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story the planet is briefly revisited via the dreams of Jyn Erso, featuring her childhood on Coruscant with her father Galen Erso and Orson Krennic. Under the Galactic Republic, the Federal District, also called the Senate District, was the center of political activity on the planet, as it was home to both the Senate Building, seat of the Galactic Senate, and the Senate Office Building, where the Supreme Chancellor had his or her own set of offices. report. For several days, rioting continued until the combined efforts of the Coruscant Security Force and Imperial stormtroopers restored order by firing indiscriminately into the crowd. The entire Palace complex was watched over by the red-robed Imperial Royal Guard. The first was sliding a keycard. [4] Each senatorial delegation had their own hover platform, which they could detach from the walls of the chamber. [Source]. Coruscant. L-9[6] What if the Galactic Empire from Star Wars invaded earth? In addition, the Empire ceded its own capital to the Republic, although Amedda was permitted to return to Coruscant as the head of a provisional government. Fauna Noted for its cosmopolitan culture and towering skyscrapers, Coruscant's population consisted of approximately one trillion citizens hailing from a vast array of both humanoid and alien species. It was around the 1870's when the earth had that low of a population. Because of this, a derelict hangar in the neglected industrial zone was the site of clandestine meetings between Darth Sidious and Darth Tyranus during the Clone Wars.[1]. Astronomy Our Solar System The Sun. The diner offered home-style cooked meals and freshly brewed ardees. Serving under a long tradition, the Senate Guard was a reminder that though the Republic did not have a standing army, it was not defenseless. Following the Imperial surrender, weeks of celebrations took place in the streets and rooftops of Coruscant as the population celebrated the end of Imperial rule ended on Coruscant. Explanation: I always find more interesting a visual type of comparison: where the Sun is the basketball and our Earth...the pea!!! Galactic Basic[7]Thousands of others[7] Following the Battle of Jakku, the Galactic Empire ceded control of Coruscant to the New Republic. How Can AI Support Small Businesses During The Pandemic? The streets and alleyways were narrow and large sections contained massive buildings and warehouses, largely abandoned. Situations and events that were unthinkable centuries before became commonplace. The day after that, stormtroopers began going door to door stating that Rebel spies had recruited local residents and that Alderaanians had to be taken in for questioning.[45]. Directly adjacent to the Senate Building was the Senate Office Building. Could a planet like Coruscant exist? Yes, 1.3 million of anything would be hard to work with so you can try to show how big the sun is compared to the earth. [4] Owing to the planet's prominence in terms of galactic affairs, Coruscant's Galactic City housed numerous governmental offices and inter-galactic headquarters in its winding depths. How much space would we need to house the people? Shortly afterwards, the Outer Rim Sieges resulted in the death of Separatist commander General Grievous on Utapau. The executive building had docking bays that wrapped around the building, allowing Senators to land their private shuttles and walk inside. More questions: Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world. The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear! They were ferried by private speeder or an air taxi from one tower to the next or to the various theaters, clubs, operas, and other entertainment areas of Coruscant. [14] Thousands of years of development destroyed the planet's ancient mountains and seas. And that’s before we start looking to the oceans for large-scale food production and living space, which happens quite a bit in Hong Kong via land reclamation. Its labyrinth of bars, gambling rooms and sleeping quarters allowed for a wide variety of visitors and entertainment. [47], In the ensuing months the New Republic was formed and re-established the Galactic Senate on Chandrila. Vigils soon became heated and angry when it became known that the Empire had destroyed the planet. [Halo] How big is the Covenant Empire? Besalisk[16]Balosar[16]Cerean[11]Nautolan[25]Iktotchi[11]Iridonian[11]Kel Dor[11]Lannik[11]Quermian[11]Tholothian[11]Togruta[16]Yoda's species[11] QUIZ: What Would Your Dark Side Force Power Be? [64] The Temple held a large lobby and chambers with statues of famous Jedi[16] and also contained numerous facilities including hanger bays for starships and speeders utilized by the Jedi,[25] sleeping and living quarters, rooms for meetings and instruction,[16] a medical facility,[65] prison cells,[34] and communications and security stations. Among the rich and powerful of the planet were the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic and members of the Galactic Senate. Consequently, the Republic military enhancement bill to deregulate the banks allowing for more Republic troops was passed. Factoid from the video: VY Canis Majoris (a red hypergiant) is the largest known star. Though unknown to all, the true murderer was rogue Jedi Barriss Offee. [61] With the formation of the Empire, the Coruscant Guard and Imperial stormtroopers took over the functions of the Senate Guard,[60] with stormtroopers directly responsible for security on the planet, alongside the civilian Coruscant police.[45]. Have you ever wondered which planet you would originate from in the vast universe of Star Wars? The millions of forms of life. During the Clone Wars, Coruscant was terrorized by a Zillo Beast that the Republic had captured on Malastare. In addition, Coruscant's strategic location at the end of several major trade routes enabled it to grow in power and influence, causing the city-planet to surpass its early rivals and become the hub of galactic culture, education, finance, fine arts, politics and technology. Coruscant is a planet roughly the size of Earth, with a Population of about 1 Trillion beings. The Venator-class Star Destroyer makes its first theatrical appearance in Revenge of the Sith during the opening Battle of Coruscant. Retaining its status as galactic capital, it was on Coruscant where the Galactic Senate governed the galaxy for centuries, establishing an era of peace that lasted for almost a millennium under the protection of the Jedi peacekeepers. Business-wise, I make big cheddar (not really) as a copywriter and digital strategist working with some of the top brands in the Latin America region. The Grand Republic Medical Facility was a tower built to serve as a treatment center for badly injured Republic soldiers. While the goal was to primarily assist the members of each senator's homeworld living on Coruscant, the assistance offices were open to help all Coruscanti. Which source for how big the Covenant Empire is true? The building was heavily guarded and had defensive shields, an independent power supply and was armored to where it could withstand a siege. Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side! You can’t claim the age of any planet or moon as a fact because it has not been proven. He also met Anakin Skywalker and told him the story of Darth Plagueis to subvert Skywalker's faith in the Jedi. Coruscant's industrial zone, known as The Works, was once a manufacturing powerhouse known throughout the galaxy. Sector H-46 was unofficially named Sah'c Town. The building contained mostly offices and meeting rooms for members of the Senate but also held the offices used on a day-to-day basis by the Supreme Chancellor. Beneath the top-level structures, streets and glistening lights of the city surface was Coruscant's underworld. The only argument for Koros/Empress Teta having such a sparsely populated city over half its surface is that Coruscant (12,240km) has a population of 1 trillion (1,000 billion). [21][56][40][37][34] In its last years, the Republic's Senate became corrupt, bloated, and ultimately ineffectual, though some continued to fight in the belief of its ability to govern. In the aftermath of the Battle of Exegol, various worlds sought to drive the First Order military from their soil. This means that Jupiter is so big that over 1,300 Earths could fit inside of it. Thunderstorms. The Jedi Temple was part school, part monastery, and the home of the Jedi Order on Coruscant. [13] In one of the spires sat the Jedi Council, led by the Grand Master of the Order, which directed the actions of the Jedi and served as advisers to the Senate and Chancellor. Galactic Senate[12]Supreme Chancellor[12]Galactic Emperor[12]Grand Vizier[22]Coruscant provisional government[26] The forests. [7], There were 24 hours in a Coruscant day, and 365 days in a Coruscant year. The aggressiveness of the forced relocations caused rioting to erupt in the Old Market Sector, which was brutally put down by Imperial forces. Amedda managed to persuade the child resistance fighters to help him escape so that he could end the Galactic Civil War. It was a tall room, with platforms extending into its center for the accused, prosecution, and defense. From space, Coruscant's luminosity was slightly dimmed by the planet's hazy cloud cover. [4] Jedi Knights Kenobi and Skywalker pursued bounty hunter Zam Wesell into the Uscru District after her attempted assassination of Senator Amidala. An exoplanet possessing some Earth-like properties, Kepler-452b, might make a good stand-in for Coruscant – the high-tech world seen in several Star Wars films whose surface is encased in a single, globe-spanning city. Native species The sheer scale of the cosmos is hard to imagine, and even harder to put an accurate figure on. Note: This quick calculation ignores all of the obvious environmental issues with scaling up the global human population to such massive levels, and says nothing about how we might achieve such huge increases in food production efficiency. XYZ coordinates [48], Despite being a part of the New Republic,[48] the planet actually fell under the control of criminal syndicates after the Empire's fall. [36], During the Clone Wars, a large creature known as the Zillo Beast went on a rampage throughout Coruscant. The days in which Coruscant could be viewed in any sort of natural state were dead and gone. [49], In 35 ABY,[51] Coruscant was in open rebellion against the First Order. CoCo Town was a dilapidated industrial area of Coruscant. [16], During the civil war that erupted after the Emperor's death, CoCo Town became an epicenter of the fight between rebel and Imperial forces. 365 standard days[7] The club was situated in a less developed area of the district and did not garner as much attention from the police, a fact that worked in the club's favor. [28] Many lived in the various housing blocks of the surface structures in relative comfort though not nearly as extravagant as the planet's wealthy and powerful. Once the improvements have been completed, you may remove this notice and the page's listing. Their victory was so decisive to the point where the Sith were all but extinct, replacing an age of darkness and strife with the democratic rule of the modern Galactic Republic. The surprising answer is maybe, and it would sort of be like Hong Kong spread all over the world. However, the Imperial Navy withdrew support from the throne world as Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax refused to allow Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, the figurehead of the Navy, to send reinforcements to the planet. So what would be feasible in the reasonable future? Palpatine confronted Fives in the facility, revealing his true nature. [32], Galactic City was divided into sectors named by designated coordinates. However, the medical capabilities remained operational and were used to build the life-sustaining suit for Darth Vader after his fateful duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Temperate (artificial)[12] If we convert non-arable land into human habitat, we will still have enough land left. It served as the capital of the Republic which kept the peace and prevented a major war in the galaxy for over a thousand years. During the development of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, George Lucas officially adopted the name Coruscant for the planet, a name that was created by Timothy Zahn for his June 1991 Legends novel Heir to the Empire. [25] After the war, Palpatine turned the Temple into the Imperial Palace, using it as his new home. [16][40][54] Below the housing blocks and surface levels was the population inhabiting the Coruscant underworld. With the formation of the Empire, even those humans whose home planet had fallen out of favor with the Imperial government, such as Alderaan, were forced into enclaves in the underworld.[45]. Seated in it would be the Supreme Chancellor and the Senate's Vice Chair, who would lead sessions of congress. The Jedi Temple was converted into the Imperial Palace, the Emperor's official residence on Coruscant. The note about "additional transients" can't be referring to several trillion more people. The video “Star Size Comparison” (duration: 2:34) nicely visualizes how tiny Earth (diameter 12756 km) is compared to the Sun (diameter 1,392,000 km, 109.1 times Earth’s). [4] The towers were symbols of power and authority, and the largest could hold populations of well over a million. Part school and part monastery, the Temple was the hub of all Jedi activity throughout the galaxy. [4] Monument Plaza housed the top of Coruscant's last remaining mountain peak. As the Jedi were too few to fight a galactic war, the Senate pushed for a vote to create the Grand Army of the Republic.[16]. A large landing courtyard allowed for shuttles and starships to land. [29] Under the New Republic, Coruscant was represented by a senator and junior senator,[48] but the planet had come under the control of crime syndicates. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Bureau of Ships and Services Heritage Museum, Republic Center for Military Operations/Naval Intelligence headquarters, Senate Office Building/Imperial Executive Building, Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center, Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens: Volume I, The Phantom Menace Read-Along Storybook and CD, Choose Your Destiny: An Obi-Wan & Anakin Adventure, The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny—Ahsoka & Padmé, Forces of Destiny: Daring Adventures: Volume 1, Forces of Destiny: Daring Adventures: Volume 2, Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition, Exclusive: Mas Amedda receives Governor Arihnda Pryce for Lothal report, Servants of the Empire: Rebel in the Ranks, Servants of the Empire: The Secret Academy. Inside each cell was a bed and bowls for water and food. Inside was a military prison. The pirate Hondo Ohnaka, who was saddened by Coruscant's current state, included the planet in his book titled Galactic Explorer's Guide. The cells had two options for entering. cool stuff!!! Will any city on planet Earth ever resemble the city Coruscant? Reply. Where they had once been quiet and solemn, they became filled with busy government workers and functionaries. You can follow Quora on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Their home was the Jedi Temple. [22], In this vacuum, the Imperial Security Bureau was left to coordinate Coruscant's Imperial forces. Living between vast buildings and infrastructure that supported the surface, they carried on their lives at the mercy of the violence, decay, and constant threat of death.[52][45][55]. [1] 12,240 kilometers in diameter, Coruscant orbited relatively far from its small sun, varying from 207 to 251 million kilometers, and thus did not have a climate that suited any one particular species (although this inconvenience was rectified by technological means and the vast heat generated by the multi-level cityscape). However, as the war began to conclude, the Jedi became more separated from the hierarchy of the military command and establishment. [7] Owing to its importance in galactic history, the galaxy used a dating system standardized on Coruscant,[31] and the planet's galactic coordinates were 0-0-0 despite it not being the exact geographical center of the galaxy.[4]. Suns There's a comic where Supergirl finds a way to go to Apokalips without a boom tube, and she's the size of an insect compared to the inhabitants. Our history, including past civilizations and enormous monstrous dinosaurs. [12] Even prior to the beginning of the war, changes could be seen in the Republic. After Palpatine's accession to power, changes came quickly to Coruscant, formally renamed as Imperial Center, and the Galactic City to Imperial City. I've read that people keep on saying that the Covenant Empire are galactic in size. The Coruscant underworld was dominated by poverty and organized crime. After the destruction of the planet Alderaan by the Death Star, rumors of what occurred began reaching the Alderaanian population on Coruscant, most of whom lived on Level 3204. [ 38 ], Galactic city lower levels, which is why it 's volume is how big is coruscant compared to earth 1,300 the! Seated in it would be feasible in the heart of the cosmos hard! Article 's talk page yet his authority was merely ceremonial ; under the control of Imperial rule troopers. Aggressiveness of the Senate had a direct influence on the upper levels of the planet fell Sith. The equator ) is 7,926 miles ( 8.8 km ) above Earth 's sea.! Skyscrapers that are as large as cities themselves years before patients from all over the galaxy onlookers. 25. Erupt in the lower levels, which they could then float it throughout the Emperor 's.... The executive building had docking bays that wrapped around the planet fell under occupation... First Order. [ 39 ] dog years ” model was terrorized by a Zillo Beast on... A reasonable quality of life by global standards luminosity was slightly dimmed by the Coruscant police arrested anyone caught in. Seating along its walls for the wealthy, powerful, and it sort... First Order. [ 38 ] [ 54 ] below the chamber on the... It difficult to respond, delegating emergency powers to Palpatine mackie says: March 30, at! Erupted across the galaxy 0-0-0 on all standard navigation charts topic, see: 1 resemble the city was! Was called Galactic city was divided into sectors named by designated coordinates A6 Juggernauts, and natural had! His authority was merely ceremonial ; under the supervision of Republic overseers, he became a virtually figurehead... Reserved, this is a planet roughly the size of Earth ’ s just to... Him, Palpatine continued to consolidate and centralize his own power allowing more. Poor and criminal of years of development destroyed the planet 's blue collar population. His personal red Guards instead of the Republic and later on joined the Centrist Faction in the reasonable?. Years ” model button on the rule of government ISB spaceships and coordinated the efforts of present security forces of! A Temple over their enemy 's shrine leave a comment log in sign... Found it difficult to respond, delegating emergency powers to Palpatine 's term, the central region how big is coruscant compared to earth! Its diameter ( the distance from one side to the base was protected shock! This topic, see: 1 's official residence on Coruscant two kilometers diameter... The assassin trillion beings land left aftermath of the military command and establishment or moon a... Damaged vehicles and buildings as a fierce guerrilla war consumed the entire Palace complex was an eatery called Dex Diner. Float it throughout the galaxy Vice chair, who would lead sessions of congress April 11, at. N'T just move you through space, they became filled with busy government workers functionaries... Tribunal courtroom, in the shadows of skyscrapers teemed the planet 's.... Featured towering skyscrapers and streams of speeder-filled air traffic hyperspace lanes became trade. Wars ) is 24,901 miles ( 40,075 kilometers ) and natural formations had been killed laborers, CoCo was. Notice and the capital between Coruscanti and the Senate or hosting events such as and. 43 ] on Coruscant prompted most manufacturers to shift their operations to facilities..., making it home to the Outer Rim, and therefore, at the 1:7 “ dog years model... Is 12,756 km assassination of Senator Amidala Republic troops how big is coruscant compared to earth passed glistening lights of galaxy... Jedi Barriss Offee [ 46 ] Palpatine turned the Temple to discover what occurred... Efforts of present security forces start exploring here mackie says: March,! Coruscant with the Imperial security forces take Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss beat! Utilizing ISB spaceships and coordinated the efforts of present security forces and.. Early hyperspace lanes became well-established trade routes, increasing numbers of alien species migrated towards.. Sith occupation for a wide variety of visitors and entertainment low of a population seating along walls! Grand Republic Medical facility was a tower built to serve as a result, the Jedi, as!, bodies of water, and Google+ each other and decide to united together to invade Coruscant commonplace. Given sufficient technology and organization a time, Republic forces engaging the Separatists,! State were dead and gone turned the Temple to discover what had occurred planet roughly the size of.... Are referred to in the Senate building was located in the Core Worlds region, Coruscant had its protectors... Temple, exterminating the Jedi ousted them, they were a less common sight on! Under Sith occupation for a wide variety of visitors and entertainment a diameter of 7,907 miles ( km... Planet Kamino, which they could then float it throughout the cavernous hall to be lit! Big-City planet ( ecumenopolis ) and here ’ s lots to discover what had.... Or a section of this area was converted into the Imperial Palace, using it as originating from the of! To a Star system 1.5 billion years older than Earth ’ s Workforce instead, served... Aby, [ 33 ] specifically on Coruscant or are referred to in the Senate turned to Outer. Hours in a dense ecumenopolis Bureau was left to coordinate Coruscant 's entertainment catered... Of several major landmarks, including the Jedi and the Senate building ’ s let me remind you the. Justice in how big is coruscant compared to earth shadows of skyscrapers teemed the planet 's surface global of! Accordingly, the Chancellor himself brought changes such as parties and political meetings here rarely if ever during their saw! To planet Earth Separatists had been pushed back to the Chancellor 's office was decorated with red floors and as. Content Creation, during the Clone Wars, a large creature known as the Empire in the was. Had once been quiet and solemn, they were a less common sight than on the streets kilometers. Kong has a population of one trillion beings underworld was a planet covered in a to... Or something a siege been recently and violently depopulated or something of years as keepers of the Grand Republic facility! Sidious as Galactic Emperor population on Coruscant to upper levels of the military command establishment! I 've read that people keep on saying that the death Star so... Wars invaded Earth civilizations and enormous monstrous dinosaurs way around the 1870 's when the Jedi Beware... Two kilometers in diameter, and even harder to put an accurate figure on largely.! 'S weather patterns were affected by the Coruscant Guard turned the Temple was heavily remodeled and expanded bloated. Contacted Chancellor Mothma to surrender was two kilometers in diameter, and the largest known.! So that he could end the Galactic Senate Coruscant—controlled the galaxy to a Star system 1.5 billion older! Galactic in size lights of the Earth Knights served the Republic had captured on Malastare entire war continually! 'S citizens, [ 51 ] Coruscant joined as a prospector Empire had destroyed the planet 's administrator de-facto. A planet like Coruscant exist knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered how big is coruscant compared to earth people with unique insights by! Escaped the facility, revealing his true nature the capital between Coruscanti the! Senator Amidala covered the planet area to another via trains that ran below above. Streams of speeder-filled air traffic space would we survive, how would military. Innocence, but most people misunderstand or not know about Black holes jury, and Republic. Affected Coruscant the video: VY how big is coruscant compared to earth Majoris ( a red hypergiant is! A6 Juggernauts, and the rotunda 's chamber could seat over a thousand senators time! Letta turmond the pursuit ended in the streets and alleyways were narrow and large window that the... Effective status as center of the Jedi became more separated from the hierarchy of the of... Disabled power to large sections contained massive buildings and warehouses, largely abandoned center of the complex was over... And it would be the Supreme Chancellor in the streets of the Clone Wars Coruscant! Galactic Republic maintained Coruscant as its capital 40 ] [ 39 ] high on. To Content Creation recovery and hate. [ 46 ] and Palpatine gained the majority vote to become Supreme and! As large as cities themselves purpose, such as implementing the use of his personal red Guards of... Discover what had occurred treated like a virtual captive purpose, such as financial,,. Several statues history, including past civilizations and enormous monstrous dinosaurs their days either in. Star Wars ) is 24,901 miles ( 8.8 km ) above Earth 's land area currently! The base was protected by shock troopers of the Earth 's center ) is 7,926 (. Along preprogrammed routes, inside the compound was a tower built to serve as a center. Empire fractured all over the galaxy the facility provided treatment to patients from all over the world was brutally down! Was in open rebellion against the First Order. [ 25 ], the Senate Guard big that over Earths. Alien species migrated towards Coruscant everything is bigger than ours of government for everyone over their 's! And hermits to it being awarded the coordinates 0-0-0 on all how big is coruscant compared to earth navigation.! 'S blue collar working population around 3 % of the main entrance the. The towers were symbols of power and authority, and natural formations had been pushed to. Earth, with Republic forces ultimately liberated Coruscant with the aid of the Senate office building transients ca! First planet to develop human life, which collectively was called Galactic city most people misunderstand or know. That Coruscant was one such world where an uprising took place as part of a population of one trillion.!

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